The Malthouse, Malthouse Road,
Alton, Staffordshire, ST10 4AG, UK

Tel: 01538 703273

Full Terms & Conditions

By making a reservation of accommodation at The Malthouse you are accepting these terms and conditions in their entirety.

GUEST ARRIVAL TIME: From 4pm to 9pm.
We kindly remind guests that we do not accept arrivals other than between these times.

CAR PARKING: We are pleased to provide free overnight parking.
Daytime car parking may be possible, please ask during your stay.
Our car park is at the rear of the house - there is one space per guest room.
We do our best to accommodate every guest’s car but very large vehicles (works vans, mini buses, large 4x4’s/people carriers etc) may be unable to use our parking facilities.

ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation is only to be used by those people described to us at the time of booking. We should be notified of any changes prior to arrival.
It is the responsibility of the person/s making the booking to ensure that only those people booked in use the accommodation.
All bedrooms are en-suite with towels, hand soap, hairdryer, TV and tea/coffee. We provide bed and breakfast; there are no self-catering facilities so we kindly ask guests not to eat take away food and other meals in our bedrooms.

BREAKFAST: Is included in the cost of your accommodation. Served 8.15am to 9am.

BOOKING: If you are booking far enough in advance a written confirmation letter will be sent to you by e-mail or post. The confirmation letter is proof of your booking and should be shown to us on your arrival.
We are unable to accept bookings from guests attending events that will mean they wish to come and go at unsociable hours (e.g. ghost hunts).
We reserve the right to refuse any booking without needing to give a reason.

ALTERATION TO A BOOKING BY US: In the unlikely event of the need to amend your booking for reasons beyond our control, The Malthouse reserves the right to make alterations or cancellations to a booking.
In this case every attempt would be made to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion for everyone.

GROUPS & PARTIES: If you are booking more than one room we may require the names and addresses of all party members. To ensure a restful stay for every guest, we ask that guests keep to their own rooms and do not invite friends or fellow guests into their rooms.

BALANCE/EXTRAS: Please pay any outstanding balance upon arrival by cash or card.
We regret that we are unable to accept cheques or £50 notes.

DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS: Your deposit/payment has ensured that all the accommodation requested by you has been reserved for you for the total number of nights you have booked.
The booking has been accepted on the understanding that any balance owing will be paid in full. It is the responsibility of the person/s making the reservation that the full amount is paid for all rooms, their occupancy and the total number of nights booked.

CANCELLATION/CHANGES: Any deposit/payment will not be refunded; as it is likely that accommodation reserved for you has been refused to others for each of the nights you have booked.
If you cancel your booking we reserve the right to claim any balance owing to us.
If a change to your booking results in our being out of pocket, we may amend charges to recover any loss.
We cannot be held responsible for changes to or cancellation of your booking, for reasons that are beyond our control.
A telephone call to make cancellations/changes to reservations will only be accepted from the person who originally booked. All alterations to bookings must be confirmed in writing.

We are sorry to have to point out the above details. The vast majority of guests arrive to enjoy their stay and return year after year.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Holiday Insurance can be obtained from Rothwell & Towler, who are one of the companies able to arrange low cost protection for you that will cover you in the event of a genuine need to cancel. For immediate cover telephone: 0845 90 80 101.
We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance cover.

DEPARTURE: Please vacate your room by 10am on the morning of departure.
To avoid disturbance to other guests we ask that you do not vacate before 8.00am.

AFTER DEPARTURE CHARGES: Your accommodation will have been carefully prepared for your arrival. Please treat our facilities with care and respect so that others may continue to enjoy them.
After departure we reserve the right to make reasonable charges and recover payment from you for any damage, loss or extra cleaning over and above what could be reasonably be expected, caused by your carelessness or misuse of our facilities.

BEHAVIOUR: Consideration must be given for neighbours and other guests.
Illegal, offensive, excessive or rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated. It may lead to the eviction of your party.

FIRE DETECTION EQUIPMENT: Guests are reminded that it is an offence to tamper with the fire detection systems or the fire fighting equipment that have been installed to keep everyone safe. Anyone found to have put lives at risk, will be asked to leave immediately.
PLEASE NOTE: No naked flames are permitted inside bedrooms and buildings including candles, and birthday cake candles.

SMOKING: Is permitted in outdoor areas only, please use the ashtrays and bins provided.

LIABILITIES: The Malthouse shall not be liable for a) any damage or loss of property or any items belonging to the guest, b) personal injury to the guests (but only so far as such injury is not caused by The Malthouse negligence).